How to Securely Share Files Between Companies

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Invoices agreements, plans images, videos, designs, datasheets, and more — every company has tons of files that need to be shared. But sharing files doesn’t come without its difficulties. Large file sizes, formats that aren’t compatible, slow upload and download speeds timing of transfer links and security issues are common obstacles when it comes to sending files.

It is vital to safeguard sensitive information during file transfers when working with clients, vendors or other third party. Recent security breaches have made it more important for businesses to reconsider their relationship with external entities. With a rise in hacks and data leaks it’s important to consider the security of a particular file-sharing tool or service before you decide to use it as a part of your team.

The right file-sharing program will make it easier to send and receive files whether you’re sending them to a customer or a third-party vendor. Here are a few ways to securely transfer files and also receive feedback in one location.


FileCloud is an enterprise-grade, high-performance solution for collaboration and sharing of files. FileCloud can be easily customized with your company’s logo, colors, and more to create a custom enterprise-grade file sharing portal. This will allow your team to make use of it more efficiently and increase brand recognition. You can also build an admin dashboard, user-portals and personalized messages to fit your company’s requirements. Learn more about how FileCloud can help you streamline your workflow here.

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